We're a non-profit with a mission to bring the children of South Camden and their families into fellowship with God and with God's community, by providing opportunities for spiritual, academic, social and recreational enrichment.

Here's how we know we're making a difference:



Thanks to structure and boundaries, 98% of our children reported feeling safe last year. Fellowship House provides a consistent and caring environment, where children feel 'at home'.



100% of our children reported learning more about Jesus in their Bible lessons last year. In addition to knowing the gospel, the children also learn about how to love God, how to treat others, and that their life has purpose. They put their faith in action too-- raising money to build a well for a school in Ghana, making bracelets for Iraqi refugee children, and writing notes to accompany the Salvation Army's Christmas baskets- are just a few of their past service projects. 



94% of our students said they completed their homework regularly and were well-prepared for the next school day. 80% report enjoying reading more and many are eager to join one of our reading clubs. Fellowship House prepares the children for a successful future, no matter what profession they eventually choose.

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