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Camden is the most impoverished city in the country with 42.5% of its residents living below the poverty line (many of them well below), and over 35% of its population under 18. Thousands of innocent children live in this environment. Every day they experience poverty, they walk the violent and drug-ridden streets, they attend schools that are struggling, and they see hopelessness all around them.

What is Fellowship House’s response? Fellowship House of South Camden offers a free after-school program, reading enrichment and summer camp for grades 1 to 4; a youth program for middle-school aged children and a parent program. Fellowship House is an extended family, where children feel secure – both emotionally and physically – in a safe, fun and loving environment with consistent structure and boundaries. In addition, Fellowship House also supports parents and caregivers in raising their children.

The Children’s Program is one of the only free programs in the city where children can come and receive healthy snacks and meals, where Christmas gifts are provided every year, where academic help is given every day, where children build self-esteem and healthy friendships, and where children learn there is hope and truth in Jesus!

As these children advance to high school, some return to our job training program as youth leaders, where they serve as wonderful role models for the younger children. During the dangerous after-school hours, Fellowship House provides a safe and loving place for these teens as well as the children—a place where they are equipped for a brighter tomorrow!

Fellowship House spends a lot of time and effort creating a safe, nurturing environment for the children we serve. The children only spend 10-12 hrs/wk at Fellowship House during the school year and twice that in summer. By comparison, they may spend nearly 10 times as much time at home. The tenor of the home environment will have an out-sized influence on whether a child thrives. Through our Parents Program we're committed to educating and equipping parents with resources, practical assistance and emotional encouragement to better their lives, and those of their children.


the WHY behind WHAT we do In four minutes learn how we're Equipping the children of Camden for a Brighter Tomorrow!

I love Fellowship House. As a parent I know my children are safe with all the staff members of Fellowship House. They run a wonderful program and I appreciate everything they do for not only my children, but other children as well. My children also love it and they never want to miss a day.
— Rashea W., Parent

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