Mean Streets and Stables

Imagine your child, or grandchild, niece or nephew writing a letter to God:

Dear God,

Thank you for letting me have a place to lay my head. Thank you for letting me live in a house and not on the street.

In Jesus name, Amen

Most of our little ones do not live with such anxiety. Living on the mean streets is certainly not in my grandchildren’s experience. Indeed I am sure their eyes would open wide with surprise and some terror at the thought of becoming homeless.

Yet, this week at Camp Peace, a little girl used brightly colored crayons to write this prayer for her poster in art class. Although the angst behind her words is palpable, she knows whom to be thankful to, for she writes “In Jesus’ name.”

Christine was leading opening exercises that day. She told the children that Jesus was born in a stable, so he knows about being homeless. And that God sent Jesus to save everyone from the self-centered pride that makes our world such a frightening place. And that Fellowship House is a place where children can learn about God’s love, and rest in the security of that love, because the people who serve there follow that stable-born Jesus.

If you haven’t recently written a check to help this child and others know such a love, why not sit down and do so now.