Broccoli Forest

Cool green amidst the hot streets. Vegetable giveaways in a concrete jungle. Sprouting seedlings in the heat of late July. Would you believe a broccoli forest?

South Broadway in Camden is hardly the place you would expect to find gardens or forests, but Fellowship House has both. The gardens are located adjacent to the gym entrance and on several lots across the street from Butterfly Park. They appear very exposed and vulnerable. Asked who protects the garden from thieves, “Farmer Johnathan” says, “The Lord!  Every spring I say, ‘Lord this is your garden!’  And I leave it up to him.” The evidence of his trust is on the shelf in the office. A fine cantaloupe ripens as a testimony to his faith. And in response to God’s grace, the produce from the garden is given away free to the residents of the neighborhood. No wonder they take care of it.

The children are taught by a college intern with a background in environmental science who helps them plant seeds in cups placed on window sills to demonstrate God’s creative power in the great mystery of life. In their crafts class they take florets of broccoli and cut the stems off to produce a square base. Glue the base to a sheet of cardboard and voila—a broccoli forest!

The second chapter of Genesis tells of the human story beginning in a garden. Ever since, we have found healing and peace in greenery. Greenery is hard to come by in South Camden where our kids live. Yet thanks to the generous support of Fellowship House by folks like you, the children at Camp Peace know about such things.

The dog days of August are here--the time of year when the real gardeners are revealed—the ones who still care enough to get out and weed.  August is also the slow time of the year for ministry financial support—the time when faithful givers are revealed.  Our young gardeners are counting on your support.  Won’t you send a gift today?

Dr. Bill McElweeComment