Yes, but

In the B.C. cartoon strip, the caveman is hurtling down the hill riding is big stone wheel, hair flying, excitement on his face. There is a big “Yes!” painted on his wheel. Further down the hillside, however, there is a long stone wall with the word, “But” written across it.

People considering volunteering at Fellowship House are often like the B.C. caveman. They want to serve Christ, they want to do something meaningful with their life, they want to make a difference….But.

Judy was such a person. She writes, When I drove to Fellowship House/Camden on my first day, I was excited but very nervous. I was nervous about driving into Camden. I was nervous about walking into a very different culture from my own. I wanted to "help", but it had been a long time since I had worked with elementary school children, and these were children from very different backgrounds than my own. I was nervous about being accepted by the people who worked Fellowship House and who understood so much more about the city and the children than I did.

Judy broke through the “but” wall and this is what she found: Much of my nervousness dissipated as soon as I was greeted by Lisa and introduced to Christine. The joy that emanated from them, and the energy and excitement that they exhibited, could only come from the Holy Spirit. God is the God of all of us, no matter what our backgrounds and I knew from their enthusiasm that He was "in this place". I was immediately put at ease and made to feel welcome.

As the day progressed and I interacted with the children, it became clear that while their surroundings and backgrounds are different from mine, they are still children, with hopes and dreams and problems and ENERGY, just like children everywhere. After serving at Camp Peace for 8 months, I know that God is working in and through the program, and I am very glad that I endured the nervousness and made that first drive. Even when the noise and chaos that comes from 45 children feels overwhelming, I am glad to be there. In fact, I enjoy serving there so much that this year I'm going to increase the number of days on which I help... and I'm not nervous about it at all.”

And here is Judy’s challenge to the rest of us: Jesus told the disciples to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth (Acts 1: 7). Whether the city of Camden is your Jerusalem (home) or your Samaria (a place that you never go into), it is a place in which people need to be ministered to, and therefore it is a place in which we must serve and witness. Step out in faith, trust that God always takes care of those who obey Him, and come to Fellowship House and serve.

If you are ready to break through the wall, please call Lisa at (856) 964-4545.

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