Instead Choose Hope!

Instead Choose Hope!

Written by Doug Wagner | Executive Director


The true Spirit of Christmas doesn’t require shopping… or decorations… or stress. The true Spirit of Christmas is marvelously simple. It’s all about taking a break from our own concerns to focus on the needs of others. This year, don’t let the craziness rob you of the Peace and Joy that Jesus came to bring!

Instead Give Hope!

There are people in need this holiday season. Giving them the gift of hope honors the One whose birthday it is. Don’t burden your friends and family with stuff they don’t need or want. Instead make them proud by giving a meaningful gift to Fellowship House in their honor. This year we’re making a list and checking it twice! These are our needs for the Spring semester:

  • $10 will Buy a Garbage Can Full of Rubber Mulch [160 required to Fill the Playground Area to 6” Depth for a Safe Landing] | Goal = $1,600

  • $35 will Buy 2 Children’s Folding Chairs [52 more needed] | Goal = $1,820

  • $50 will pay for 1 Week’s Gas for 1 of the Vans to Transport the Children | Goal = $1,050

  • $100 will Pay 1 Week’s Wages for a Youth Leader (we have 6) Goal = $12,600

  • $300 will Sponsor 1 Child for an Entire Year of After-School | Goal = $16,500

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