Hooray for HOME

The Fellowship House van was rolling along up the approach to the Ben Franklin Bridge, full of tired but happy kids returning home from a week of summer camp in the Poconos. The Rev. Ron Crouch, who had volunteered to drive this trip, had become accustomed to the quiet buzz in the hot sticky interior behind his seat.

As the van reached the middle of the bridge he noticed a lull in the sound. The city ahead of them was emerging into view, and then, all of a sudden, completely spontaneously, there was a loud chorus of voices shouting, “Hooray for Camden!” Ron thought about all of the bad news about this city as reported in the press. Who in the world would shout, “Hooray for Camden”? Yet, for these kids, Camden is home, and they were glad to be back to their families, their schools, and to Fellowship House.

Home is where the heart is, we say, and so we understand where these kids were coming from.  We are teaching them another definition of home every day in our after-school program and our summer program. We teach them that God is our rock and fortress, a very present help in time of trouble. He is the shepherd who guides us into his fold, where we are safe and secure. Whatever home in Camden might mean to them, we want them to know there is a deeper meaning to home. God loves us. Hooray for home!

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Doug WagnerComment