Be An Intern At Fellowship House!

In 1998 I had just graduated from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland and wanted to do something significant with my life for a year… you know before starting “real grown up life”. I looked at different options... ministries in Africa, South America, Israel. But one day I heard about a ministry in the city of Camden, America, and I was intrigued.

At that time I knew nothing about the city of Camden. I had no idea it was the poorest city in America; no idea it was one of the neediest places in the entire US. All I knew was that it was on the East Coast of America, that I would be a part of a team, that I would be working with children, and that I would be serving God in a new and exciting way.

So I took a scary step and applied! In September 1998 I started my 1st year internship and my life has never been the same.

It was one of the best years of my life. Don’t get me wrong- it was hard work, I lived in community, I had to get to know a different culture, and I had to learn how to handle A LOT of children. But the saying “you will get back so much more than you gave” was very true that year.

I was changed. It was the most rewarding experience of my life. And 15 years later it still is.

Today I Direct the Children’s Program in Camden with Fellowship House. And I invite you to come and join us for the year as an INTERN with the Children's Program. Take the step… come and be part of an amazing team… meet some of the greatest children in the world… and see God at work.

Starts this September so apply today! This could be a life changing year for you too…

For more information call or email Lisa McKinney today at (856) 964-4545 or

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