Summer Camp 2013

Summer will soon be here ….broken glass, drug deals, violence, poverty, heavily polluted air that especially stinks in the summer heat, dangerous public parks. Does this sound like the ideal place for a child to spend the summer? South Camden is one of the poorest neighborhoods in the poorest city in the nation, but for our children it is home. They have no swimming pools, no safe parks, and no clean streets. Most have never experienced a summer vacation. Few of our children’s parents could afford to pay for summer camp, even though they are eager to have their children attend.

That is why Fellowship House will be providing a safe and fun place to enjoy free day camp for 6 weeks this summer from July 1-August 9. Sixty children entering 1st – 4th grade will attend Camp Peace Monday through Friday from 9A-3P. At Camp Peace the children enjoy weekly swimming or skating trips, play in our beautiful “Butterfly Park” (the only safe and clean playground in the area), create arts & crafts projects, perform skits and puppet shows, learn music and dance, go to carnivals, and play games and sports. Every day each child eats a healthy breakfast and lunch. All these fun activities draw the children to the safe, Christian environment of Fellowship House, where they learn about God, grow in their faith and develop Christian character.

College students from all over America, preparing for careers in inner city ministry, serve as interns—teaching, guiding and building relationships with the children. We hire neighborhood teens (most who grew up in our after school programs and summer camps themselves) as peer leaders for the children. This experience enables the teens to grow as leaders in their city.

The week before Camp Peace begins, the 3rd and 4th grade children have a chance to get away from the city to Camp Streamside in the Poconos. For many of the children it is their first experience outside the city of Camden. In the midst of beautiful mountain surroundings, they will make new friends, and enjoy canoeing, archery, crafts, swimming, basketball, and learning about Jesus.

Jesus said, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Children are known for their uncomplicated faith, joy, and innocence. Those spiritual qualities are frequently trampled by the harsh environment our children grow up in. Our passion is to rekindle their childish faith and to demonstrate in a thousand ways that they are loved by God. Each child should have that safe place to go to each day, where they feel at home. Each child should be able to just be… a child.

Please don’t forget the children and teens of South Camden this summer. Won’t you help us brighten this summer for as many children as possible? We can't do it alone!

Doug WagnerComment