Reading Nooks

“Camp Peace” After School Program has a wonderful new addition… Reading Nooks!

As we all know, it is critical that children learn how to read and develop a love of reading.

However, many children in Camden have never been able to develop this love and are severely behind in their reading skills. Most children live in low-income homes and, although so many mothers are working hard, money and time are tight.

So, Fellowship House began a Reading Program incorporating daily reading at the After School Program and a bimonthly tutoring program. Children started to read more and ask for more books.

But there was a problem…we did not have a good range of books (mostly old and torn books that had been donated many years ago) and the children had nowhere comfortable to curl up with a book and get “lost” in the world of characters and adventures. Thankfully members of Haddonfield Methodist Church and Haddonfield Friends of the Library came to the rescue! With the church’s monetary donations and the book donations from the library, we were able to introduce brand new reading nooks in 2 of the classrooms. The children were overjoyed! Now reading is the “special treat” during homework time because every child wants a spot in the beautiful reading nooks.

Please donate below if you would like to help grow the Reading Program or After School Program. And if you are interested in becoming a reading tutor for our Reading Program contact Lisa McKinney at: (856) 964-4545 or

Thank you Tom & Deborah Mervine, Charlotte Hartman, the HUMC Mom's Group, Carol & John Scarborough of Haddonfield United Methodist Church; and to the Haddonfield Friends of the Library!