You Are Loved


One afternoon in After School Program, two little 2nd grade girls—Racquel and Jacelyn were having a problem... a BIG problem. They couldn't get along at all!  They argued back and forth till they were ready to fight. The same girls that routinely laugh and play together were now giving each other looks that could kill. Both girls lost points for the day.

At that, Racquel lost all self-control. She was already angry and now she was getting in trouble! Of course her outburst only landed her in more hot water and she was sent to the Director. I took her to my office, planning to have her write some lines as a consequence for her actions. I was just about to tell her to write "I can be a good friend", when I suddenly realized—perhaps this child needs to know she is loved.

So instead I told her, "Racquel, I want you to copy out these lines: “I am loved". I went on to tell her that God loves her so much. And that we love her so much also.  And that because of that love she, too could love others. All of a sudden, her demeanor changed and she started enthusiastically writing out her lines. Then she asked if she could write more...and then she asked if she could write it for Jacelyn and the other children in her class.

When she had finished and I took her back to class, she went over to Jacelyn to tell her how sorry she was for the way she had behaved earlier. Then she handed her the paper that said "You are loved". For the rest of the afternoon, Racquel and Jacelyn sat together with big smiles on their faces. Sometimes, like all of us, a child just needs to know they are loved!