You're Never Alone


One day, two of our younger boys--Matias and Jaiquan--who normally get along well, were upset with each other. Matias thought Jaiquan had said something about his mother. Recently, Matias’ mother had lost custody of him and he had been sent to live with his aunt. Matias was understandably hurting and angry.

A few days later, Lisa (Children’s Program Director) noticed that Matias and Jaiquan were back playing together peacefully. She asked Jaiquan what had happened. He told her that the boys had heard about a man who was trying to grab neighborhood kids and abduct them into his car and how scared they had been.

Jaiquan had been especially frightened, when Matias reminded him of the story of David and Goliath they had learned a couple weeks earlier --that no matter where they were—in school, at home, on the streets--God was always with them. Matias continued to reassure Jaiquan, “We don’t have to be scared. God is always with us!” Jaiquan told Lisa that since that moment, whenever the boys were fearful, they thought of God and His promise to be with them.

Matias and Jaiquan are never alone anymore. Oh yes—they are also good friends again!


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