Thinking of Others

Written by Doug Wagner | Executive Director


During the afternoon session of summer camp, two of our volunteers, Ms. Joan & Mr. John, narrated pictures from their most recent mission trip to the Dominican Republic. They spoke of sharing a one-person bucket shower and a one-hole latrine with several families who were hosting their group. Water had to be fetched from a nearby stream. The children were concerned that the water wasn’t clean enough to drink and there wasn’t any available to wash up after using the latrine.

The children asked a lot of good questions concerning how to help the people in the pictures. They were particularly struck by the boys clambering barefoot over stony ground. One child suggested that they could all donate money to help. Another wanted to know if they could send shoes. Yet, another wanted to send clothes. A spontaneous avalanche of suggestions ensued—books, toys, medicine etc.

Afterward, each child was handed a blank worksheet and asked to write down what they would bring if they were to go on the next mission trip to the D.R. As the class busied itself, listing their ideas, one boy placed his paper on the floor, stood on it and began tracing his foot, so they could get the right size shoes!

Several of the older kids said that when they grow up, they want to go on a mission trip to help poor people. Ms. Joan & Mr. John made the point that we can be missionaries wherever we are, because there are needy people everywhere. The following week, one of our girls brought in a bag of clothes she had outgrown, thinking that that another girl could use them.

Some people might look at our children and feel sorry for them because they have so little in material things here in South Camden. But their hearts are soft and compassionate toward others. Their generosity is proof that they are rich in the things that matter!