Behind The Statistics

Behind The Statistics

Written by Dr. Bill McElwee | Board Member


You’ve heard it said over and over that American schools are failing and falling behind the standards attained by countries such as India and China. Think again. Recent studies show the problem isn’t the public school system, but poverty.

American students rank 1st in reading and science and 3rd in math when the sample is from schools where the poverty rate is under 10%. Even in schools where poverty levels are between 10 and 25%, American students still rank first in reading and science. The problem is that poverty rates exceed 75% in one out of every 5 public schools in the U.S. We are falling behind the rest of the world because we are failing to help poor kids learn.

The tragic truth is that kids in neighborhoods like Waterfront South where Fellowship House serves are being short-changed, while most American children are getting a first class education in preparation for successful participation as adults in our society. That’s why the After-School Program at Fellowship House is so important. Instead of heading home or to the streets, about 50 children come to a safe and loving environment where learning can continue. There are computers to work with, mentors to help with homework, snacks to nourish and most importantly, Bible lessons emphasizing the love of a God who is eager to help these little ones discover the fullness of life.

Where society has failed in its responsibilities to these precious children, we have taken up the challenge in the name of Christ through your support of Fellowship House. Whether you volunteer, or donate, or pray constantly in support of our work, you are part of our struggle to keep America strong by helping the “least of these”. We help the children to learn reading and science and math, yes, and more than this, because “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”.

We thank you for your past generosity and welcome your continued support. Your gifts do make a significant difference in the lives of our children! As we prepare for the beginning of a new school year, we are asking that you would consider partnering with us by agreeing to sponsor a child for the school year. The cost of sponsorship is $30 per month – only $1 a day! Your gift will enable Fellowship House to keep alive a child’s hope to escape the poverty he or she was born into. Please be generous—the future is quite literally in your hands