It’s hard to believe summer is almost here!

On the Fellowship House calendar it’s one of the most anticipated times of the year. We call it “Camp Peace Season”. And though it takes a lot of work and effort to prepare for it, we know the Camp Peace encounter is one that every child entering grades 1-4 should experience. The safe space, the unforgettable array of activities and most of all the message of a loving God and Savior, forever imprints these 6 weeks on the hearts and minds of the children of South Camden.

Each weekday at Fellowship House from June 27 - August 5, our children will receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch while enjoying sports, arts & crafts projects, Bible lessons, and an academic enrichment component to help ensure that they will be prepared for school in the fall. In addition, they have the opportunity to go on many trips--swimming, basketball leagues, a carnival, and much more.

The children we are reaching come from the poorest community in Camden. Camp Peace is a safe haven where they can hear the gospel free of the chaos and struggle of their daily lives. It’s an educational, culturally enriching and FUN Summer Camp. We do not want a lack of money to stand in the way of these children having a life-changing summer. Each year we send a letter like this one asking you to consider a gift to help make Camp Peace a reality. You have already been faithful in your support of this ministry. Won’t you help again?

We pray you will share in our zeal and passion to see more than 60 children in South Camden come to Camp Peace this year! Would you consider a camp donation of $100, $250, $500 or more to make this transformative experience possible for one or more children this summer?