Beyond Gifts

Beyond Gifts

Written by Lisa Burne | Children's Program Director


What good is a toy when there is no safe place to play each day?

Each year we try our best to find Christmas sponsors for each child enrolled in our After-School Program. Generous donors provide toys and clothes, and more… they bring joy to a child who may not otherwise celebrate Christmas. I cannot tell you the number of times a mother has said “Ms. Lisa if we didn’t have the gifts from Fellowship House we would not have been able to celebrate Christmas this year”.

Yet, we cannot stop here. A toy is something that every child wants and deserves, but every child also needs and deserves a safe and caring place to play each day. In the city of Camden many children do not feel safe, whether in school, at home, on the playgrounds or on the streets. Something so basic, so necessary, is often a luxury for the children here.

That is where Fellowship House fills the gap. We provide a safe place for children to come to every day after school during the most crucial hours for children to be off the streets (3-6pm). Not only do they hear about a God who loves them and has a great plan for their lives, but they experience His love in a real way through the caring teens and adults that come to volunteer. Within this safe environment they also grow educationally as we help with homework and tutor children that need the extra help.

Now, I’m going to challenge you to consider the big picture. The children need you beyond Christmas. It may not be as fun to give, but they need Fellowship House to be here for them each day. They need the snacks we provide. They need a safe and warm building. They need a clean, safe playground. They need computers to work on They need Bibles to read. They need the caring staff that provides a structured environment for them in the midst of the chaos of their lives.

You can give a child a gift that won’t get lost, broken or thrown to the side. You can sponsor a child to attend the After-School program at Fellowship House for $30/month. That is a gift that will last long past Christmas and significantly brighten a child’s future.

Things the Kids in our Children's Program said they're Thankful for....

  • My Mom
  • My Dad
  • My Family
  • God
  • Home
  • Ms. Lisa
  • My teachers
  • Camp Peace (name of Fellowship House's After-School Program)
  • All the things God made
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