Building A Foundation

At Fellowship House, we strive every day to provide consistent and effective academic help to the children of Camden so as to build a strong foundation in their lives. *Unfortunately the Camden School statistics show that less than 35% of the children are at grade level in mathematics and English language arts. In today’s school environment, a teacher often cannot stop to assist a child who hasn’t fully grasped the lesson, so the availability of quality After School Programming is crucial. This is where Fellowship House plays a critical role and our amazing staff and volunteers make a difference every single day!

One of the keys to a child’s academic success is completing and understanding homework daily. With support that varies as needed up to the level of individual tutoring, we are able to help each of our children succeed. 90% of our children complete their homework and are prepared for the next day of school. 100% of the children report that Fellowship House has helped them academically, boosting not only their skills but their confidence. And their parents agree!

How does this happen? It is because of our excellent team, absolutely…but equally because of you--our supporters. You are indeed doing exactly as Philippians 2:4 says “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.”

YOU ARE BEING COUNTED ON! Your prayers and your giving are needed! Thank you for your ongoing commitment and generosity to Fellowship House and to the children of Camden. Let’s continue to build strong foundations in their lives!