Changing Lives

Changing Lives

Written by Dr. Bill McElwee | Board Member


How do you teach the young people of the “Me” generation to care about something beside themselves? Most people just cluck their tongues and give finger shaking lectures. At Fellowship House we put them to work serving the desperate need all around us. Here is an example of the results in a letter our Children’s director received from a teenage volunteer who is now in college.

Dear Lisa,
I need to let you know that coming to the Fellowship House the past two years has changed my life. When I first came in my sophomore year, I was honestly nervous. It was the day the houses next door burnt down and police tape was everywhere. I secretly wondered what I was getting myself into! I thought I was bravely volunteering my time to help these kids. Yet, I quickly learned that although I may have helped solve math problems or handed out snacks, I can never give the children what they have given to me.
Monday, a day I once dreaded, became the day I looked forward to most. If I had a bad day, it was ok because I knew you and the kids would be full of smiles and energy after school. I quickly became attached to every one of the kids.
It is all too easy to lose perspective on the things that are truly of value, but the Fellowship House has kept me in reality check. It is people who display acts of kindness (no matter how big or small) that make this life worth living.
I have realized that my life would not be complete without passionately serving others, and I definitely plan to continue community service in college.

Perhaps the way to change lives is by demonstrating love rather than talking about the “shoulds and oughts” we want our youth to learn to honor. You can be a doer rather than a talker by giving a gift in support of these wonderful young people who are giving themselves for our kids at Fellowship House.