Christmas in February

Christmas in February

Written by Dr. Bill McElwee | Board Member


The holidays are great times and busy times at ministries like Fellowship House. Everybody and his brother wants to provide turkeys, toys, gifts and donations in the spirit of the Thanksgiving celebration and the birth of God’s great gift to humanity in Jesus Christ. So we are overwhelmed with the inflow of gifts to be distributed and with end of the year funds to get us started in the new year. And we are very grateful.

February is very different. It is even colder now than it was then. The need is greater yet, because now the long winter season is dragging everyone down and exhausting resources. The kids are getting “rammy” while situations in poverty stricken homes become tense and difficult. Addiction tempts more than ever. And, sadly, the great welling up of love and caring of the holiday season is now a faded memory. Coffers are being emptied by the desperate need of those we serve, but giving tends to freeze up just when the need is greatest.

Our recent emergency appeal for funds to help with security concerns touched many of you and we have been able to invest in devices which will help in this way. Our work is in full swing in spite of troubles in the neighborhood. Thanks to all who helped out.

Here at Fellowship House we work very hard at husbanding our resources. We know all about these peaks and valleys of giving. There are no seasons in the ministries we aren’t committed to; only fluctuations in the funds needed to support our work. If you were not able to respond in January we ask you to take a moment and ask yourself if you might find a renewed sense of thanksgiving and gratitude for all God has given you.