Encourage One Another

Raising 3 boys on her own stretched Gloria’s earnings as a home health aide nearly to the breaking point. At the same time, she was juggling taking classes to earn her CNA and looking for a safer neighborhood for her family. That’s when she learned her 16 y.o. wasn’t receiving all the help he needed from his school and might be held back to repeat 10th grade. Gloria was at her wits end.

Fortunately, she was present at Fellowship House for a Parent’s Night last winter, when two members of a child study team explained how parents can take charge of their children’s education by using the proper channels of communication with the Board of Education. Gloria left with a plan and was able to get her son transferred to another high school, where he is finding success.

Fellowship House provides relevant programming to meet the needs of South Camden’s children. But, our children spend most of their time at home, so for them to succeed in life, Fellowship House needs to come alongside their parents and caregivers.  Helping them create healthy home lives for their children is the sole purpose of the Parents’ Program. Each month during the school year, we host two dinner programs. We’ve had local bankers speak on maintaining good credit and managing a household budget, Cooper Hospital nurses speak on health and nutrition and local pastors speak on faith and inspiration.

Sometimes the most valuable part of the evening for parents like Gloria is discovering that others are going through the very same things they are. As a single parent, Gloria didn’t feel ashamed when she spoke out about the issues she was having. The group was always supportive and other parents were quick to share advice. Gloria always felt better after the meetings, especially after one in February, when she made the eternally significant decision to accept Jesus as her personal Savior!

“Strengthen a parent… and you strengthen a child.” - Fred Rogers