Every gift makes a difference.

Fellowship House provides a consistent and caring environment, where children feel “at home”. 98% of our children reported feeling safe.

Every afternoon is an exciting time at Fellowship House when the kids come in with bright smiles and loud laughs, overjoyed to be here. But nearly every day there is one kid who comes in without a smile, their head down, looking like the world is on their shoulders.

Normally it’s because they have been picked on or gone through a difficult situation at school. Each time they have a caring adult who listens to them, gives them guidance, comforts them, and reminds them that they are safe here. In a matter of minutes the child’s face lights up again and they run to play.

It’s a fact that in order for children to learn and blossom, they need to feel safe. But we also know that God desires for each child to know His Fatherly care and protection- so it’s no coincidence that every child says they feel safe at Fellowship House!

Every gift makes a difference. Everyone has a role to play. Together we can achieve so much more. Please consider a year-end donation of any amount. Your tax-deductible contribution will enable us to continue providing quality programs to families in Camden, NJ.

We know we can count on YOU! Thank you for your ongoing support!

Kevin McKinneyComment