Have you met Brooke?

Best cities to work in America.

I often see articles in the paper or online with titles such as “Best cities to live in America”, “Top Cities to find a job” or “Top places for graduates to move to”, but I don’t often see Camden on that list. However, for one couple it was exactly where they decided to go.

Brooke Johnson had interned at Fellowship House in the summer of 2012. She fell in love with the kids, she fell in love with the community of South Camden, and she loved watching God at work in so many lives through Fellowship House. Shortly after she graduated Kings College of Tennessee, she got married to Jacob Julian and became Mrs. Brooke Julian. That year she took a job as a social worker and enjoyed working with children and teens in difficult situations, but something was missing…she couldn’t talk to them about God. Brooke and her husband continued to pray about a growing desire to move and serve God in the city of Camden, even though Jacob had never even visited Camden before!

This past spring Fellowship House advertised for the position of Assistant Children’s Program Director- it would be a full-time position in the summer, but only a part-time position during the school year. Brooke jumped at the opportunity and sent in her resume. As the resumes kept flooding in, something became clear; Brooke Julian was the perfect fit. In June of this year she accepted the position, and Brooke and Jacob took a giant step of faith to leave everything (full-time jobs and all) they knew behind in Tennessee and move to Camden, NJ.

Within a few short months, Brooke has not only brought so much to the team and work of Fellowship House, but her life has displayed the faithfulness of God. She and her husband trusted that as God had led them, He also would provide.  And of course He did- Jacob was just hired by the Salvation Army to manage the Food Program at their new Kroc Center.

Brooke and Jacob have a huge heart for the people of Camden, and most of all a heart to serve God wherever he leads. They now live in North Camden and are part of a church plant called “Epiphany Fellowship of Camden”.

They know that sometimes the articles have it wrong… wherever God leads is the best place to be!