He paid for what?


One child paid his mom to let him come to Fellowship House. 

Yes, you read that right! One little boy paid his mom five dollars to let him come to the After School Program at Fellowship House.

It all happened on a day when his mother really needed to go to Philadelphia and she didn’t want to cross the bridge twice…and have to pay the bridge toll twice (who does?) So, she told him he just couldn’t go to Fellowship House that day; he would have to wait until the next time. Well, Malcolm had a better idea. He remembered the little bit of money he had saved… five dollars, so he asked his mom, “If I give you my five dollars to pay for the toll, can I go then?” His mom couldn’t believe his question. It was clear that her son loved going to Fellowship House and she didn’t want to take that away from him. She finally let out a sigh, and with a smile on her face she agreed!

Malcolm came to Fellowship House that day. Malcolm was safe that day. He got the academic help he needed that day. He enjoyed being with his friends that day. He learned more about God’s love and purpose for him that day. Unfortunately not every kid in Camden was so fortunate. It has been proven that a very high percentage of kids in Camden do not feel safe anywhere, and it has also been proven that kids need to feel safe in order to succeed. That is where Fellowship House comes in and that is where you come in.


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