It Is A Much Greater Joy To Give Than To Receive

Now, when you read the title of this letter you may have thought it was directed at you, the reader. However, we are actually referring to the children of Fellowship House. So often we all hear about how we should give…give to a child, give to a place, or give to an organization. But this letter is not focused on your giving (as great as it is); rather it is focused on the giving from the children of Fellowship House. You see, since last year the staff at Fellowship House has been teaching and inspiring the children of South Camden with the following:

  1. Although they may have great need and receive at many times, they too can give… they too have the power to make a difference!
  2. God has a plan for each of their lives, and it can start today.
  3. You don’t need a million dollars to change a live…it can start with a penny… or a quarter.
  4. God showed the greatest example of selfless giving when He gave His only Son.

Now, this may sound like a nice thought, or perhaps a few words written merely to inspire- but let’s take a look at what the children of Fellowship House have accomplished over the last while.(Another list I know, but I am a Children’s Director after all, so you will understand.)

  1. Last year, in partnership with Haddonfield Rotary Club, the children of Fellowship House raised enough money to build a well for a school in Africa. The well provided clean drinking water, and also enabled them to build bathrooms. How did the children come up with this money? Did we give it to them? No. They raised it through an Applebees fundraiser and by bringing in their pennies, cents, and quarters at a weekly offering time. One day, during play time little Fredi passed me his quarter. When I told him, “Fredi, it’s not offering today, that’s tomorrow”, he said, “No, Ms. Lisa if I keep it I might spend it on candy, so I want you to take it now”. His “pennies” made a difference!
  2. This semester the children raised enough money to buy 2 chickens to help a family in Africa (through World Vision). The children loved trying to reach their goal of $26 each week, but it was also a powerful lesson as their eyes were opened to see how children live in third-world countries.
  3. And finally, we showed the children how they can make a difference in their own community, and in a way that doesn’t have to involve money. During the last 2 months each class made beautiful Christmas ornaments, which the Salvation Army will add to their “Christmas food-basket deliveries”. As much as the kids loved their creations, they discovered how they could make someone else happy. As Aziza (7yrs old) announced to her class “If we keep them and don’t pass them on, think of how sad people might be.”

And do you know the funny thing…the children are now the ones inspiring us. It may only be a quarter or fifty cents, but they love to give. They have learned this season that, as in any season, it is a much greater joy to give than to receive.

And so we must thank you all… for whether it’s one dollar or a million dollars, your giving is mightily impacting the children of South Camden!

Lisa McKinneyComment