Make An Impact


The children of Fellowship House LOVE Bible Day Thursdays. It's the day when they learn more about God’s love and truth. 100% of our children reported learning more about Jesus in their Bible lessons.

This year we are going through the Old Testament and children are learning such lessons as: how to give God your best, through the story of Cain and Abel, and how to obey God even when it’s hard, through the story of Noah and the Ark. But what’s really powerful is when they spread these lessons to their homes!

Recently, we were talking with one of the parents, who was going through a particularly hard time. She said she was trying to trust God but kept struggling to follow Him. What got her through was her son reminding her of the lessons he had learned at Fellowship House. “He kept reminding me”, she said “that we had to keep following God, and that God wouldn’t let us down”.  As she teared up and thanked us for all we were teaching her son, one thing was clear- God is using these kids to bring his truth and hope in their own families, in their own communities.

Join us in continuing to make an impact in the city of Camden.


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