Our New Executive Director

Our New Executive Director

Written by Doug Wagner | Executive Director



I'd like to introduce myself as the new Executive Director of Fellowship House. I am no stranger to Camden, having spentmy last 21 years working in the city with Habitat for Humanity helping needy families find safe and affordable housing. Like you, I share a passion for the people of Camden. I desire to reach them with God's love to rescue them from conditions--both spiritual and physical--which threaten their safety and well-being, so that their potential as children of God may be unlocked.

Soon after I started working in Camden I remember being struck by a cluster of flowers bravely blooming in a section of broken pavement strewn with garbage. It reminded me that God is always at work renewing His creation. He never gives up and his love is irrepressible. Men grow weary, but God's hope springs eternal.

Camden is a place where brokenness and hopelessness are the norm. Without hope, people not only don't thrive, they barely survive. For the last 46 years, Fellowship House has served as a beacon of hope in one of the most blighted cities in America. Fellowship House believes, as I do, that physical blight is a reflection of a deeper problem--spiritual blight--which can only be healed by the transforming grace of God. I am delighted to be joining with you to minister to people in a variety of ways so that as many as possible may find a lasting hope through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I look forward to meeting all of you and partnering with you in the days ahead. Ours is a work of faith--even faith the size of a mustard seed. Our calling is nothing less than to bring the Kingdom of God into the dark places so they might be transformed.