Our New Reading Program

Our New Reading Program

Written by Lisa Burne | Children's Program Director

“If a child knows how to read they are empowered to learn!”- Lisa Burne

This year we started an exciting expansion of the after school program. Two Fridays a month Fellowship House runs a reading program for children in K-4th grade. February 3rd was our first day of the reading program and it was a great success! The children were full of smiles as they sat on cozy blankets and pillows and listened to stories being read. They were also overjoyed to practice their read- ing skills as they read to the volunteers. But this is not merely a fun time; studies have proven this to be an effective way to increase a child’s reading skill, their love of reading, and their confidence.

Unfortunately statistics show that a high number of children in the city of Camden are behind in their reading skills. Without confidence in his/her ability to read, a child’s chances for future success will be stunted.

But you can make the difference! By volunteering your time or donating to the Children’s Program you are enabling children to get the help they so desperately need; the help that not only changes their today, but affects their tomorrow.