Our Spring Break

Thanks to you- the children had an amazing Spring Break!

Little Anniyah’s statement summed up what it meant for many of the kids- “This is the best day of my life!!!” she said. For most kids in South Camden, Spring Break means sitting at home watching TV, or playing on the dangerous streets. Not for the children of “Camp Peace”. Thanks to you, we were able to purchase tickets to bring the children on exciting and educational trips. But, it was much more than a “trip”; it was a glimpse in to another world- a world beyond the norm of drug-dealing, violence, and abandoned buildings. It was a glimpse in to a world of beauty, of hope, of God’s wonderful creation!

Thank you for bringing that hope to the children of Fellowship House.

Click here to see pictures below of the children enjoying times at the NJ Aquarium, Longwood Gardens, Cooper River Park, and Philadelphia Zoo.

Lisa McKinneyComment