Prophecy Fulfilled

2500 years ago the prophet Isaiah wrote, "And a little child shall lead them..." (Is 11:6)

And you know, it’s still rings true…

Paul is a five year old who takes Jesus seriously. Like many children, he was touched by the stories he heard about Jesus in Vacation Bible School. Whatever questioning grownups might think, the message was clear to him. Jesus was all about helping people who were less fortunate. Furthermore, he learned about places where the less fortunate were helped in the name and spirit of Jesus—one of which was Fellowship House of South Camden.

Now, Paul is a creative little guy, a real entrepreneurial type. "I have an idea," he announced to his family. "Why don't we have a lemonade stand and give the money to Fellowship House?" Mom thought it was a great idea, but sister, who loves horses, wasn't so sure. "I want to use my part of the money to buy a horse," she protested. Paul defused the potential conflict by suggesting, "I’ll just give you all of my money for your horse." (Paul has a change jar full of quarters that he loves to count). Mom, blown away by Paul's generous spirit, offered that she and Dad would match whatever the kids were able to raise.

The lemonade stand went ahead, fully supported by Mom and Dad, who helped the kids make a big sign and set up a table. The neighbors came by and learned a bit about Jesus and his ministry in Camden at a place called Fellowship House while enjoying a cup of lemonade. Imagine a lemonade communion where the redeeming blood of Jesus is sweet and sunny. What do you make of all this, dear reader? If a five year old can do this, what’s the takeaway for you and for me? Isaiah's child is calling us to put off our dreams about horses for a moment and to empty our change jars.

There is need in the city. What will you do to help?

Doug WagnerComment