Thank you for a great summer!

Did you do anything nice this summer?

This is a question we often ask each other, isn’t it? Well, if you were one of the child sponsors, or gave financially, or prayed for Fellowship House this summer, you did do something nice… in fact, you did something AMAZING! You made a difference to the lives of 65 children. Some of the effects you may never see (as some will last for many years from now). However, what an impact we DID see in just 6 weeks. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Children had a safe and caring place to go to every day, in the midst of what are often hot and dangerous summers. 100% of the children said they felt safe at Fellowship House. A’Rianna said she loved coming to camp “…because people respect you there”. Najei and Algie said they loved Mr. Remy (their counselor) “…because he always took care of us”.
  • 3600 meals were served this summer, so no child went hungry!
  • They learned how to be young boys or girls of character: how to be kind to each other, how to respect people around them, and how to give to others. One of the bus drivers said, “I have never met such respectful kids before!”
  • Each of them learned more about God, and that He has a great plan for their lives. Majai was one boy who would ask “Miss Lisa, Miss Lisa, can you tell me more about Jesus today?”
  • And of course, they had a blast! 100% of the children said they had fun at camp this summer. And that’s what we love to hear- every child deserves to have a fun summer. Little Tamia begged for the after school information for her mother, and is so excited to return- as are so many others!

I’m sure we would all agree that if we purchase something, we expect quality. Well at Fellowship House we believe in nothing less. We believe in running programs with excellence- programs that reflect God’s greatness, show kid’s their value, and steward your giving well. One of the mothers, Carmen, said “Fellowship House programs are as good as, if not better, than the programs that cost a lot of money!” And so they should be.

So, on behalf of all the children and youth, thank you for a great summer!

Thank you for joining us in making a huge impact on children’s lives! And register NOW for our upcoming Annual Breakfast, before it’s too late! You won’t want to miss it!



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