Van Replacement Fund

Van Replacement Fund

Written by Doug Wagner | Executive Director


Hate to go car shopping? So do we!

Fellowship House works their two 15-passenger vans to death! I ought to know--I’m the cute one--the white 1999 Dodge! I was adopted by FH when I was only one year old with just 22,000 miles on my odometer. My brother (a tan 2003 Chevy van) and I are on the road nearly every day! Weekday mornings, we schlep supplies from Home Depot or Staples or food from the Food Bank or clothing from donors or whatever else needs to be done. I’ve even delivered food to families in need.
There are days when Lucy wakes me up at 4AM(!!) to drive way up north to Bergen Regional Hospital where people ravaged by addiction go for detox. They don’t know it when they climb aboard, with uplifting Christian music playing softly in the background, but they’re in for a 2-hour counseling session with “Dr. Lucy”! I’m the one who carries the luggage for addicts being sent away for rehabilitation as well as the furniture for their apartments when they complete program and return.
Each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon we pick up students from school at 3 PM and bring them to the after-school program. Later on, around 5:30 PM, we drop the children off at their homes. I used to be able to take a snooze on Friday afternoons, but now there’s a reading enrichment program. So Friday’s just another workday! Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest, but oh no, not for me! Minister Davis uses me to pick up and take chapel attendees home every week. To top it off, once a month he takes the whole crowd on the road to visit other area churches.
I understand Fellowship House dropped a cool $5,200 last year for repairs at the car hospital for my brother and me. To be honest, I’m not sure how many years I have left. I overheard Minister Davis whisper to Director Doug that he hardly trusts me for much more than a trip around the block. He doesn’t think I heard him, but I started checking out some scrap yards—the home of seriously off-road vehicles! They look so peaceful resting there...
Looking forward to retirement,
- Rammie ‘99

Fellowship House has been making do with a 2003 Chevy and a 1999 Dodge, but increasing repair bills are making it abundantly clear that we need to upgrade before too long. Rammie’s been a good old van, but we’re not sure how many miles she has left in her.

There is nothing in our operating budget that would allow us to pur- chase a used van, so we are establishing a Van Replacement Fund. The tangible need for a “new” van may motivate some supporters to give for this purpose. We hope that those who are already contributing will see this as an opportunity for "second mile" giving—above and beyond their gifts that sustain our day-to-day ministries. Thank you!