What does your giving do?

Youth Program - 3/3/2017

This is what your giving does...

Because of YOU we were able to hire a Youth Director; because of YOU we were able to start a weekly Youth Program with 5-8th graders.

Last Friday was our first Youth Group of the year with the kids and it was a huge success! We started off picking the kids up from school- making sure they got to Fellowship House safely. Then we hung out, ate pizza and played games- who doesn't like pizza and games eh! And then... a great multi-media Bible presentation on God the creator. This was followed by small groups where the kids got to ask questions and delve deeper in to who God is. The kids can't wait till next week..and the week after... and the week after that... see a pattern here?!

So what does your giving do? Your giving gives a safe and loving place for 5-8th graders to be every week, away from the drama of the streets; it mentors youth through a critical time in life to enable them to become respectful, kind and successful young men and women; and most importantly it provides a place where they can hear the Gospel and encounter a loving and powerful Creator!

Thank you supporters- your giving is doing so much!

And we are in need of volunteers, so if you interested in helping in our Youth Program don't hesitate to contact us and find out more.