What Will Become of Him?

What will become of him?

This is a picture of a little boy named Artice during our Summer Program. What do you think when you see his cute smile? Do you wonder what will become of him? Where will he be in 10 years? Can we make a difference in his life- socially, academically, spiritually?

Camden is often rated as the poorest and most dangerous city in America. Will he graduate high school?  There is a very good chance he won’t- only 49% of kids graduate high school in Camden.  Will he end up on the corners selling drugs? It seems quite likely- there are an estimated 175 open-air drug markets currently in the city of Camden. Will he know how much God loves him and has a plan for his life? Who will tell him? Will he develop leadership skills that will help him be a leader anywhere he goes? Will he learn that he can make a difference in this world? 

What will become of him?

Here  is a picture of Artice now. So I can tell you what has become of him more than 10 years later. He is 18 years old and set to graduate high school in a few months. Artice grew up in the Children’s Program learning about God’s love and learning that his life has purpose through the weekly lessons, and through the examples of staff all around him. Artice received the help he needed academically as each day loving volunteers patiently explained math and spelling and so much more! He was able to grow up in a safe environment where he made friends and developed character. And then a few years ago he got a job… at Fellowship House. He is currently employed in our job training program where he leads a group of children each day in the After School Program and Summer Program.  And this year he was promoted to Team Leader at Fellowship House- not only leading children but also leading his peers in the Children’s Program every day.

Artice is not in jail; he is not on the streets; he has not dropped out of high school. Artice is a young man with a future. Just like any other teen with the world in front of them, he’s not quite sure if he wants to be a chef or a nurse or something else, but he is making plans.

Artice is not just a statistic…he is a young man with a bright future.

Can we make a difference? Yes we can! 

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