What’s New at Fellowship House?

Written by Doug Wagner | Executive Director


What’s New at Fellowship House?

Quite a lot actually!! Over the last couple of months, our facility has been re-organized, spruced up and readied for the new school year.  Since our closing exercises in May for the 2013-2014 year, we have:

  • Replaced the 3 year old wood mulch around the playground equipment with recycled rubber mulch (with a gift from the Camden Home for Children)
  • Carpeted the gym floor (with help from the Rotary Club of Haddonfield)
  • Repaired the gym roof leak
  • Secured the parking lot by installing a fence with a rolling gate (with a gift from South Jersey Charitable Foundation)
  • Organized the children’s reading library
  • Converted the old clothing room to a comfortable space for quiet activities
  • Installed pews in front of the stage in the gym to provide more secure seating
  • Painted a very popular chalkboard wall in the gym
  • Hung corkboards in all the classrooms
  • Repaired emergency lighting and emergency doors
  • Acquired a 2014 model year 15-passenger van to safely transport the children

I wish you could have been here to see the children light up the first time they experienced the bouncy rubber mulch, or their newly carpeted gym or their new chalkboard wall.  I wish you could have heard the pride in our teens’ voices on their first ride in the new van!

Thank you for your support, which enables us to delight our children in these ways. The way we address facility issues reflects our concern to maintain the quality and appearance of Fellowship House—a missions upon which God has shown his favor for nearly 50 years. Renovated facilities and new vehicles aren’t the most important thing, but they do influence the attitudes of the children, the teens, the parents and the volunteers. They provide the backdrop against which the hidden work in the lives of our precious children is accomplished. That is the most important thing!

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