Who needs a vacation?

Who likes to travel? Do you dream of a beach vacation in Hawaii, or perhaps a historical tour of Rome (my choice is both by the way). Or perhaps that’s too much of a dream and you would settle for a little weekend getaway somewhere close (I know I would). There is something about traveling that relaxes us, takes us away from the day to day stresses of life, and lifts our spirits. And we all need it- right?

Well the children of South Camden may not need a vacation in Hawaii or Rome, but they do need to see life beyond Fellowship House, and beyond their city. Their lives may be made up of different stresses from yours or mine…whether it’s gun noise, a loss of a parent, or just plain school stress…but they need to see that there is more to life. And as much as we love the great facility we have at Fellowship House, this past semester was not just spent inside.

The highlight of September was the Fishing Trip, only a few steps away at the South Camden Waterfront Pier. Thanks to the work of the Maritime Museum, the children learnt the joys of fishing and even caught a little something too!

November was, of course, a time for Pumpkin Picking, at Creamy Acres Farm. Each child enjoyed their hayride, choosing a pumpkin, and seeing the farmyard animals. One of the children announced, “This was the best day of my life!”

December was a time for Christmas adventures. The children in our Reading Program continued their tradition of listening to Christmas stories while enjoying holiday treats and eggnog. And a large group of children experienced the wonder of the Christmas story come to life, at the Fellowship Community Church’s annual “Live Nativity”. The children not only enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies, but they marveled at the story of God sending His son for them. And little Icyes declared with a look of awe, “He is coming back!”

To many, such events are a norm, but a great number of children in Camden never get to experience places, cultures, or events outside of the city. Children are often considered the unimportant, but as Matthew 25:40 reminds us:

“The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'”

So, you may not have gone on a dream vacation this month, but your donation did something even greater…it brought a smile to a child’s face, it gave them memories they will never forget, it showed them they are loved and that God does have a great plan for their lives. These words are not just words, but they are faces; they are names; they are lives forever impacted.

We finished strong in 2014. Who’s ready to make an even greater impact in 2015? Please consider making a donation or a monthly pledge below.