With Thanks

Dear Fellowship House,

I appreciate everything you guys have done for me and my family. I think back on all the times Mrs Doreenasked or texted me about attending a parent meet, and I thought to myself like I can't attend with my schedule. I am a single mother and I work two jobs so it's not possible. So last year I received the message like always and it was laid on my spirit to come and experience what parent meet was all about. After the first meeting I attended I never missed another one, it touched me and I made good connections and I watched Mrs Doreen eager to help these families anyway possible and not looking for nothing in return that's a gift and a purpose and she's walking in hers. It's great feeling knowing somebody cares still. This organization has help me by connecting me to someone that connected to job that I'm able to give back as well. They have poured in my family and even though my daughter has graduated out of Camp Peace I will not be going anywhere. I truly thank everyone that has played a part in this organizationbecause it has help me through a lot and I wish It was more I could do but I will pour into others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Shannon Johnson

Taken from Fellowship House Focus | Summer 2017