Would You Help?

Written by Doug Wagner | Executive Director


In the 1960s, children walked to Fellowship House. Fifty years later, the world has changed. Today, neither parents or guardians nor our staff would feel that it is safe to let the children walk the streets alone. We pick up every child from the public schools and transport them to Fellowship House. When the after-school program is over, those who live close by are escorted home by a pair of street leaders. In inclement weather we drive them in vans. Some children live as far as 2 miles away, and must be transported every day in one of our two vans. At every stop, we wait to make sure the disembarking child is safely in his/her home, before continuing on.

A major concern coming into the 2014-2015 school year, was that our only available options for daily transport of our children were a 1995 van that sounds like it’s running on 1 cylinder and half of its seat belts are inoperable and a 2003 van that is beat from years of use as a cargo van. This situation was unsafe and unacceptable. We had little choice, but to take a step in faith for the sake of the children. Beyond safety, the reliability of the vehicles is critical. Without the vans, we can’t have a children’s program.

Our plan to address this situation is twofold. First, last month, we purchased a model year 2014, 15-passenger van on a payment plan we can live with. Next, we are conducting a capital campaign to purchase a second similar vehicle. One of our faithful supporters, Haddonfield United Methodist Church, has issued a challenge grant—if we can raise $15,000, they will match it dollar for dollar! That would enable us to purchase the second van outright!

You can help!  We’re looking for one-time gifts of all sizes to help us earn the matching grant and purchase this second vehicle to insure our children’s safety today and for years to come. The challenge grant is good through year-end. Thank you in advance for considering helping in this concrete and very important way!


$7,400 raised of $15K goal