Would you like to build a home for someone?


Would you like to build a home for someone? Well, I know someone who would. Let me introduce you to Karla. Karla is a third grader who attends Fellowship House. A couple of weeks ago we were taking some of the children to Chuck E Cheese as a reward for their great attendance and behavior. As the children were chatting, someone brought up Christmas gifts.

“I love getting Christmas gifts” said one child. Karla casually chimed in, “Ms. Lisa, when I get gifts at Christmas, do you know who I think of? I think of the people with no homes, or the children with no parents, and it makes me sad.” “Maybe God will use you to work with children one day Karla”, I replied. “No”, said Karla, “my wish for when I am older is that I can build houses for people who have no homes. And then they too can have a home to live in and their children can live there too.”

In that moment, with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye, I thought, my wish is that everyone could be here to witness this moment, that everyone could see the awesome potential in these children!

Will you help us? Will you come alongside us to make sure that Karla can one day build homes for people… and that other children will see their potential fulfilled? The children are counting on you today and on behalf of them…thank you!