Happy New Year

Your support over the past year has meant so much to our organization. Whether your contribution came from a monetary donation, volunteer work or simply sharing our mission and stories with others, we appreciate your support of Fellowship House of South Camden. Learn how you can care for Camden's Children in 2017.

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We Are Wonderfully Made

“Because I am fearfully and wonderfully made” played across the speakers during a dance performance by the Children of Fellowship House, at our 10th Annual Breakfast & Auction this past weekend. It was the perfect opening for our theme of “Wonderfully Made”, focusing on how God has made every child specially, loves them, and has a great plan for their lives!

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Encourage One Another

Raising 3 boys on her own stretched Gloria’s earnings as a home health aide nearly to the breaking point. At the same time, she was juggling taking classes to earn her CNA and looking for a safer neighborhood for her family. That’s when she learned her 16 y.o. wasn’t receiving all the help he needed from his school and might be held back to repeat 10th grade. Gloria was at her wits end.

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Yesterday’s Bible Lesson

That was yesterday’s Bible lesson at Camp Peace.  Relatively straightforward even for the children entering 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade who rotated through. Or so it seemed until some of the children shared what ‘father’ meant to them. One little girl shared that her father had died. A little boy said he didn’t have a father. All of a sudden, a simple Bible truth encountered the painful reality of our children’s world. For some of them ‘father’ conjures up painful memories; for others absence and longing.

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Building A Foundation

At Fellowship House, we strive every day to provide consistent and effective academic help to the children of Camden so as to build a strong foundation in their lives. *Unfortunately the Camden School statistics show that less than 35% of the children are at grade level in mathematics and English language arts.

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On the Fellowship House calendar it’s one of the most anticipated times of the year. We call it “Camp Peace Season”. And though it takes a lot of work and effort to prepare for it, we know the Camp Peace encounter is one that every child entering grades 1-4 should experience. 

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