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A Precious

Meet our new Executive Director, Richelle Todd-Yamaoh and learn why she considers Fellowship House to be both a legacy and a gem.

In Their

Read how our Afterschool Program made a difference in the children eyes.


A letter of appreciation from a parent in our Parent’s Program.

Oh, What A

Learn how you made this the #BestSummerEver.


A Precious Gem

By Richelle Todd-Yamaoh, Executive Director


A legacy is like a precious gem.

My journey to becoming the new Executive Director for Fellowship House of South Camden started back in December 2016, which was also the first time I had ever heard of the organization.  I was in a spirit led quest towards new employment that would allow me to be of service in a leadership way to children and youth in my community while also expressing my Christian faith.

Despite having grown up only across the river in Philadelphia, and having worked there for over 20 years, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about this small organization doing such big work in Camden, NJ that was yet so hidden. What immediately came to my mind was the image of a precious gem forming in the atmosphere, so unassuming from afar yet so powerfully beautiful up close.

We all know that science informs us that through chemical compositions between molecules and other elements beautiful, rare gems are formed.  But we also know that the birth of these spectacular creations are birthed by God.

Similarly, legacy organizations are rare and valuable entities.  Although mankind attempts to believe that they have done everything to create and sustain the good works of these organizations, it is God who has essentially ordered the steps of man to create something so long lasting and precious.

Fellowship House is both a legacy and a gem, playing such a pivotal role for so many for over half a century.  People have come to know it as a safe haven, as a place of refuge, even as a church. Yes, Fellowship House is a precious gem in its own right, shining bright in the city of Camden.

In my role as Executive Director, I look forward to helping the light of Fellowship House shine even brighter.  I look forward to many children, young people and their families relying on Fellowship House when they have little else to rely on. I look forward to people from all walks of life engaging with each other through an outpouring of love that is pleasing to God.

In today’s world, the legacy that Fellowship House was built on is needed more than ever.  Fellowship House has to continue to be a key player in Camden rising!  With God at the center, I have faith that we will be able to continue the awesome work taking place on South Broadway.  I look forward to sustaining the gracious love and support we already receive by so many committed to families in Camden.  I also look forward to casting the net even wider to attract a broader base of support for the children and youth in this community.

I look forward to you joining me in this journey!


Richelle Todd-Yamoah
Executive Director


In Their Words

By Lisa McKinney, Program Director


This After School Program Year at Fellowship House definitely ended on a high note! On the last day everyone enjoyed a delicious barbecue, Mr.Softie ice cream (what could be better), and we spent time thanking each of our amazing volunteers. It was a successful year- a year that children grew academically, grew as young leaders, and grew in God. 100% of the children said they love coming to Fellowship House and want to return. Why do they want to return? Well, in the words of the children…

“I loved coming here because people are kind to each other.”

“…people help you with any of your problems.”

“…people in charge care for you.”

 “…they help us get to the next level where we need to be at.”

“No reason to be scared, they protect us here, and don’t let anyone hurt us.”


With Thanks

By Shannon Johnson, Parent

Mother-and-daughter-voting 2.jpg

Dear Fellowship House,

I appreciate everything you guys have done for me and my family. I think back on all the times Mrs Doreenasked or texted me about attending a parent meet, and I thought to myself like I can't attend with my schedule. I am a single mother and I work two jobs so it's not possible. So last year I received the message like always and it was laid on my spirit to come and experience what parent meet was all about. After the first meeting I attended I never missed another one, it touched me and I made good connections and I watched Mrs Doreen eager to help these families anyway possible and not looking for nothing in return that's a gift and a purpose and she's walking in hers. It's great feeling knowing somebody cares still. This organization has help me by connecting me to someone that connected to job that I'm able to give back as well. They have poured in my family and even though my daughter has graduated out of Camp Peace I will not be going anywhere. I truly thank everyone that has played a part in this organizationbecause it has help me through a lot and I wish It was more I could do but I will pour into others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Shannon Johnson


Oh, What A Summer

By Lisa McKinney, Program Director


Summer should be two things for children: fun and enriching. And that’s exactly what the Fellowship House 2017 Summer Program was! Over 60 children came to enjoy sports, art, Bible, Science, trips, good meals, and so much more! Children attended because they want a safe place to have fun, but what many of them don’t realize is that they are also learning every day- learning about God, learning about the arts and sciences, learning about teamwork and character through the sports, learning how to read, and learning new skills. The children undoubtedly enjoyed their summer, but they will also are ready and confident going in to the new school year!

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