Parents Program

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Parents Program

Parenting is the most important and challenging job any of us can have; yet, it receives little support or recognition in our society.


We're committed to educating and equipping parents with resources, practical assistance and emotional encouragement to better their lives, and those of their children.

Fellowship House spends a lot of time and effort creating a safe, nurturing environment for the children we serve. The children only spend 10-12 hrs/wk at Fellowship House during the school year and twice that in summer. By comparison, they may spend nearly 10 times as much time at home. The tenor of the home environment will have an out-sized influence on whether a child thrives.

Last year, we initiated an outreach to the parents and caregivers of the children who attend our after-school programs and summer camps for the purpose of helping them create healthy home lives for their children. We host two dinners each month during the school year. After the meal, the parents hear from two presenters--one on practical topics such as financial management or health and nutrition and one on faith and inspiration after which they enjoyed a time of sharing and discussion.

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