Make this the #BestSummerEver by giving a child a life-changing summer at Fellowship House!


“Camp Peace” is our six-week Summer Camp that provides children with a fun place to improve their academic performance, develop necessary life skills, create positive relationships with caring adults, explore the arts, participate in sports leagues, go on fun trips, nurture their faith, and so much more all within a safe environment. Just like all our programs, it is 100% free for all children. Would you consider a camp donation of $30, $100, $500 or more to make this transformative experience possible for one or more children this summer?

Yes! I want a child to experience a life-changing summer at Fellowship House!

One child's swimming trips for the summer (6): $30

Each week the children go on swimming trips. This will cover the cost of the trips for a child.

Transportation for children for one week of program: $100

We provide safe transportation for all of the children from their homes to Fellowship House and back; along with transportation for all trips. This will cover the cost of all transportation for a child for a week.

One teen in the job training program for the summer: $500

Fellowship House offers a job training program for teens in the community. These are teen who have been in our program as early as 1st grade. This include job readiness training and other supports for youth who participate.