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Youth Program

When youth become engaged in community activities they develop the skills needed to be an effective leader.


The teens who serve as Youth Leaders in our program are wonderful role models for the children. They are living proof that not all Camden kids drop out of school, have babies and do drugs. When you speak to these young people, you can tell from their character, their leadership and their plans for the future that they are going places. They also serve as a powerful testimony for why investing in building character in young children is so important. Proverbs 22:6 reads, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Job Training Program

Each year we hire Camden teens as counselors, tutors, and role models for our After School Program. Many of the teens were once involved in the program as children and are passionate about giving back to their own community.

The job-training program provides the teens with an alternative to the temptations and dangers of the streets, through the critical hours of 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM. It is the teen’s responsibility to help lead classes of children during homework, activity, and snack time.

Teens also have the opportunity to become coaches, meet different people from around the country, and learn more about their own community.

Each teen is encouraged to grow academically and spiritually, and to eventually become a positive role model to their community.

Youth Night

In response to repeated requests from children and parents, we are now providing Friday night pizza parties for recent graduates in 5th-8th grade. It was interesting that children and parents longed to remain connected to the Fellowship House family.  From our perspective, it was important to be able to continue to mentor these young people, in whom we had invested so much for four years.  Our plan is to maintain relationship with this group at least through high school, while adding each year’s graduating class, so that ultimately this program will span 5th-12th grade. 

Youth Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How old must I be to apply?
Teens must be 14 years of age and in high school (9th - 12th grade).

How do I apply?
Call (856) 964-4545 to apply.

What is the job hiring process?
There is a application and interview process.


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